1. I Don't Mind

From the recording I Don't Mind


What ever happened to love baby?
What ever happened to you girl?
Things got tough and you ran away well was that the best you could do?
Was that the best you could do?

There was somethin' about you I never did understand.
Now that I'm livin' without you, you're wreckin' some other man.
You're wreckin' some other man.

It's alright now baby, if you walk on down that road.
It's your life I know.
I don't mind now baby if I never see your face no more.

I get the feelin' you owed me.
I guess you settled the score.
Now that you leave me so lonely I couldn't take anymore baby.
I couldn't take anymore.


Now it's you that he's using since we've been apart.
You ain't accustomed to losin' well, it's never too late to start.
It's never too late to start.